WEDNESDAY 29/05/24

9:00 Workshop for film school students with JUMPCAT  (for students only)

10:00  Guided tour of the city of Košice with Milan Kolcun.
The tour starts at 10:00 in front of St. Elizabeth's Cathedral.

16:00 Screening of competitive short films - Selection 2 
 *english friendly
Allégresse (Belgium, Gillie Cinneri) 
Citroen (Netherlands, Bastiaan Floris Rook)   
M jako Máma (Czech Republic, Nina Bhatt)    
Good Guy (Poland, Mikolaj Piszczan)    

18:00 Screening of competitive short films - Selection 3
When War is Over (Italy, Simone Massi)   
FUCK THIS SHIT, LOVE ME! (Czech Republic, Daniel Path)   
there, somewhere, sometimes. (Poland, Filip Wojciechowski)    
Smoking in Public (United Kingdom, Stelios Kouk) 
Love of Magdalena (Ireland, Iva Kevra)   
Perfidia (United Kingdom, Bruna Pias)    
The Delicacy (Poland, Jacek Nastal)   
Anyway (France, Nicolas Maurin)   
Apple Tree (France, Giulio Marcello Ginesi)    
Haircut (Poland, Shan Meng)    
Zlatá hodinka (Czech Republic, Klára Drbohlavová)    
Poscoito (Spain, Héctor Rodríguez) 
Brother (Poland, Jan Gębski)    

20:00 GALAEVENING - Awarding of PRIZES - screening of competitive Slovak Short Films, food, wine, musical quest and presenter:
Dance like a Gypsy (Michal Kunes Kováč) 
Project Head (Pavol Vercimak)   
Scattered Nest (Valery Neskaradziany)   
Christmas of our ancestors (Denis Németh, Mário Németh)    
Mountain Dyad (Jakub Piga)   

During the gala evening, financial rewards will also be awarded to the award-winning filmmakers!

0:00 Afterparty disco club RETRO KOŠICE

Note: Unless otherwise noted, films are screened with English subtitles.


Directed by Gillie Cinneri  /Belgium/
18 min

Serge, a funeral agent, finds himself entrusted with the custody of his daughter, Inès, as well as the ashes of a stranger. Together, they seek how to pay tribute to this unknown person, and during this journey, Serge and Inès end up weaving unexpected bonds...


Directed by  Bastiaan Floris Rook /Netherlands/
19 min

A community at the coast of the Netherlands have everything they would wish for. Jonah tries to escape his role as cult leader, no matter what.

M jako Máma

Directed by Nina Bhatt  /Czech Republic/
19 min

A desperate mother, who has been fighting for financial aid to improve the quality of her severely disabled son’s life, is at the end of her tether.

Good Guy

Original Title: Dobry Chłopak
Directed by Mikolaj Piszczan  /Poland/
22 min

Mockumentary about a self-proclaimed life-coach with a cringe personality, who tries to connect with people by trying to change their lives „for the better” - but his methods leave much to be desired.

When War is Over

Original Title: A guerra finita
Directed by Simone Massi /Italy/
5 min

A world without war is another utopia that we cannot wait any longer


Directed by Daniel Path  /Czech Republic/
6 min

"FUCK THIS SHIT, LOVE ME!" is a romantic comedy that tells the story of a teenage girl navigating the modern dating world. Emma pours out her frustrations into her diary about the challenges of finding true love in a world where bad dates follow worse ones, and dating apps bring more despair than hope. But what if what Emma really needs is not what she's been so desperately searching for? The film reveals that love can come unexpectedly.

there, somewhere, sometimes. 

Directed by Filip Wojciechowski  /Poland/
2 min

Short impression about remembrance and how memory makes us feel. Journey through a mix of old archive footage underlines the dreamy mood of being nostalgic.

Love of Magdalena

Directed by Iva Kevra  /Ireland/
5 min

Short film ‘Love of Magdalena’ is a psychological drama/thriller about a delusional journey of Magdalena where she is battling her sense of guilt after her husband’s death. It is about a world of a woman suffering from paranoid delusions, disabled from distinguishing the real from the unreal, tragically misled by mental illness to the loss of her child.


Directed by Bruna Pias / United Kingdom/
8 min

Lawrence and Rosie are an expecting young couple living in their first home together. When Lawrence learns the true circumstances of Rosie's pregnancy he has to come to terms with the reality of their relationship.

The Delicacy

Original Title: Delikatność
Directed by Jacek Nastal  /Poland/
9 min

"The Delicacy" is a 10-minute immersion into the emotions of a first date. A woman and a man. An unsuccessful encounter. Awkward conversation and even more challenging moments of prolonged silence. Is it worth going through this? What can be done differently? How to find out if the right person is sitting across from you? In 'The Delicacy', instead of a quick farewell, the characters take a step that many only dream of...


Original Title: Enfin Bref
Directed by Nicolas Maurin /France/
9 min

Leo has just turned 18, and must now leave the children's home where he grew up. With no housing solution, he experiences his first day living in the street.

Apple Tree 

Directed by Giulio Marcello Ginesi /France/
10 min

It is the story of a 13 years old Ukrainian boy, Taras, who, the night of his birthday, dreams of a woman that he doesn't know but instantly falls in love with. In the morning, he's woken up by his mom, Diana, who forgets to give him his present because distracted by a phone call that she takes in the kitchen; It is Alina, the mother of Taras' best friend Igor.


Directed by  Shan Meng /Poland/
11 min


Original Title: Zlatá hodinka
Directed by Klára Drbohlavová  /Czech Republic/
13 min

86,400 seconds. 1,440 minutes. 24 hours. 1 day. This is the time our heroes have to prove the impossible. To capture "the mountains in the golden hour with grazing cows..." Crazy? A bit. Short comedy set in a university environment will take you through the exam day of a photography class student, where time, distance, and absolutely unpredictable complications cannot stop the desire to fulfill the task.


Directed by Héctor Rodríguez  /Spain/
13 min

An anthology series which portrays different situations and conflicts that can occur after having sex. Every episode is standalone, with different story, cast and tone that shares postcoitus as a common theme.

Dance like a Gypsy

Directed by Michal Kunes Kováč  /Slovakia/
18 min

A nurse lives in a secret relationship with a married doctor. Samanta is a young Gypsy from a settlement, pregnant with her husband Milan, who is unfaithful to her. Both girls meet at a gynecological clinic. Gypises dance from joy but also from sadness. In this the dance it symbolizes the desire to learn how to live and not to be afraid. A piece of coal on a white cloth. That's what the nurse sees when Samanta, a young pregnant Gypsy from a nearby settlement, is standing in her health centre. The nurse is tangled in an unpromising relationship with a married doctor, which Samanta helps her to get out of. The road movie takes us into the corners of a wild settlement in eastern Slovakia, where the nurse sees herself through Samantha. A sad fairy-tale story reveals that only a woman who suffers, can really love.

Project Head

Directed by Pavol Vercimak /Slovakia/
24 min

Short drama movie about Sasha and her dance colleagues.


Original Title: Rozptýlené hniezdo
Directed by Valery Neskaradziany /Slovakia/
27 min

The family's journey for political asylum turns into a struggle for survival. The Shymko family is trapped in Belarus, but their dreams transcend borders. The family undergoes a civil "reincarnation", a process not everyone is able or willing to endure. The film Scattered Nest is a representation of the great social drama of ordinary, disadvantaged people and an inspirational poem about them at the same time.

Christmas of our ancestors

Directed by Denis Németh, Mário Németh /Slovakia/
27 min

The main theme of the documentary film revolves around the memories of aunt Mici, the producers' grandmother, who reminiscences about the enchanting Christmases of her childhood. It wasn't that long ago, when our ancestors maintained a tapestry of customs and traditions during the festive season, some of which may now evoke smiles and incredulous headshakes. Although the main protagonist lives in a quaint border village named Jarovce, her roots trace back to the Croatian minority living in Slovakia. Here, you can step into their world and listen to the tales of how they celebrated the most magical moments of the year. One of the main goals of this film is to safeguard and celebrate the richness of minority culture, language, and traditions.

Mountain Dyad

Directed by Jakub Piga  /Slovakia/
44 min

Immerse yourself in a remarkable story with the documentary film "Mountain Dyad", which captures the friendship between Honza and his four-legged friend Rasty. The film reveals their life story intertwined with mountain adventures during ascents to Mont Blanc, Bishorn, Punta Gnifetti, and others. Through mountain scenery, you'll experience resilience, trust, and a story of unbreakable friendship against a majestic mountain backdrop.


Directed by Jan Gębski /Poland/
17 min

The film shows a family with two adult disabled sons. From the parents' stories, we learn about the disease of both heroes. We accompany the heroes in their stay at the camp for people with disabilities.

Smoking in public

Directed by Stelios Kouk /United Kingdom/
4 min

A calm middle-aged executive, enjoys a cigarette outside of his office building when he’s approached by a young hipster. Things get rather interesting when the police get involved.