MONDAY 27/05/24

9:00 A lecture with the director of the Košice Film Office, Jan Melikant,
about the possibilities of filming in eastern Slovakia, about possible collaborations and the creation of co-productions
9:30 screening of the slovak film Pura Vida - premiere at the Festival de Cannes 2018 
also with the personal participation of the film's director, Martin Gonda
10:00 Analysis of the film Pura Vida

14:00 Screening of the competitive animated short films
 *english friendly
Lunch Break (Belgium, Reinout Jan Swinnen, Bram Van Rompaey) 
Meditation at dusk (Hungary, Judit Erdélyi)  
love bubbles (Switzerland, Marcel Hobi)  
Every encounter is an elsewhere (Italy, Massimo Selis)    
CARTA BIANCA (France, Francesca Marinelli)    
Novavita (Italy, Francesco bruno sorrentino, Antonio Genovese)    

18:00 Screening of competitive documentary films
 *english friendly
One Day in HAITI (Vít Kanyza, Czech Republic) 
Stronger Than Ever (Marcin Jamkowski, Poland)    

20:30 Screening of the competitive feature fiction film
 *english friendly
Cherry Juice (Germany, Mersiha Husagic)    

Pura Vida

Directed by Martin Gonda /Slovakia/
1 min

Financial crisis enters the households of a provincial town and people start to lose their jobs. Two adolescent brothers rebel against their father, a factory foreman, who becomes a scapegoat for the frustrated community.


Directed by Reinout Jan Swinnen, Bram Van Rompaey /Belgium/
1 min

Joe is a crane operator. This crane is made for lifting heavy things, Joe is not. He's an overweight middle-aged man stuck in a daily routine, in a confined space high up in the sky. Nothing much excites Joe, except for this one thing, this one moment which shines a dim light on his otherwise dull existence: lunch-break. As long as he has that, Joe can manage to retain a slither of sanity.
But today disaster strikes...

Meditation at dusk

Original Title: Meditáció alkonyatkor
Directed by Judit Erdélyi /Hungary/
7 min

Life is about actions. Do these actions really fill our life? What else could be even more important for us? By presenting nature and the created environment the film look for the answer to the question: Does the cat dream of the person or does the person dream of the cat? Where is our reality? In everyday life in our built world or in nature, in the animals are in. The cat is the symbol of inaction, calmness.

Love Bubbles

Directed by Marcel Hobi /Switzerland/
7 min

Floating on a pink cloud as a couple is easy.
It is much more difficult to cope with everyday life and the future together - an amusing relationship drama.

Every encounter is an elsewhere 

Original Title: Ogni incontro è un altrove
Directed by Massimo Selis  /Italy/
8 min

Giulio works in his flower store. He is alone. Sara wanted to build a strong love, but she finds herself alone. Grief, an unexpected encounter will give Giulio the momentum to give love freely. Because love is either free or it is not love.

Carta Bianca

Directed by  Francesca Marinelli /France/
13 min

Orten is 7 years old when an exercise for school plunges him into doubt. He must draw his imaginary friend. Is his friend Jesus real?


Original Title: Novavita
Directed by Francesco bruno sorrentino, Antonio Genovese  /Italy/
14 min

The year is 2206, and we live in a bleak future when there is no life and the earth has become a desolate wasteland. Everything, even the life forms that have settled in a sub-metropolis, is under the control of the energy company M.A.S., which took control of the metropolis.

One day on Haiti

Original Title: Jeden den na Haiti
Directed by Vít Kanyza  /Czech Republic/
58 min

The graduation documentary film "One Day in Haiti" brings to life everyday life in this poor Caribbean country. Through the testimonies of local residents and charity workers, it presents us with their struggle with difficult living conditions and shows the huge difference between poverty and wealth. The film also explains, through a short animation, the historical events that have influenced the current situation in Haiti. Its goal is not to answer complex questions, but rather to give us an insight into the everyday life of local residents and show how we can help as citizens of the Czech Republic following the example of the Olomouc charity, which has been going to Haiti every year for many years.

Stronger as Ever

Directed by Marcin Jamkowski /Poland/
82 min

Rock climber Maciek "Pastor" Kubera, 52, has a tragic fall while climbing, breaking his arm, his leg, his pelvis, his heel and four vertebrae. From his hospital bed, he vows to come back stronger than ever to tackle the toughest climb of his life - a super steep route called Andromeda on the Greek island of Kalimnos.

Cherry Juice

Directed by Mersiha Husagic /Germany/
88 min

What is left when the war is over ? Cherry Juice traces this question through a wild and unpredictable night in Sarajevo when Selma, a young Bosnian screenwriter, shares an adventurous encounter with a German actor named Niklas.