TUESDAY 28/05/24

9:00 Screening of student films from the Film school in Košice  (original version without english subtitles)

16:00 Screening of competition short films - Selection 1
 *english friendly
Mari (Romania, Anna Kassay)   
Leben (Poland, Ania Plonka)    
Closer (Lithuania, Augustė Gerikaitė)   

18:00 Screening of competition Generation XYZ  (horror, sci-fi, fantasy, thriller) short films
 *english friendly
DARK CHILD (Japan, Reiki Tsuno)    
Lurid Woman (USA, Porter Justus)   
I am Rain (Germany, Onur Bilmen)    
Forbidden (Czech Republic, Charlotte Vacková) 
The Mannequin (Sweden, Emelie Dahlskog)    
Shattered Remedy (Ukraine, Dmitry Kulak)   
Thirteen (Austria, Viktoria Windhab)    
The white horse (Romania, Goran Mihailov)   

20:00 Screening of competition music videos
 *english friendly
.individui (Italy, Alessia D’Angelo) 
Quiet, Please! (Czech Republic, Milli Janatková)    
Don't Wanna Love You (Romania, Diego Ante)    
Genie in a Bottle (Australia, David Mace-Kaff)    
Tale Of A Violet Sky (Italy, Nicolò Roberto Roccatello)   
Goodwill (Czech Republic, Sasha Needmor)   
“Useless" (Hungary, Ruben Szuhánszki)   
MALIK HARRIS Sticks & Stones (Germany, robin karow, marie kobylka)   
Twisted Mind (France, Libelo Productions)   
LET ME GO (Norway, Martin Fjeld)   

20:00 Screening of the competitive feature film
 *english friendly
film THE BATTLE OF MONTE CASSINO (Krzysztof Łukaszewicz, Poland)   


Directed by Anna Kassay  /Romania/
28 min

Mari (2023) is an independent short drama film about a 16-year-old girl's inner struggle after her traumatic experiences. The movie invites the audiences to observe, associate and interpret freely the inner world of the main character who lives in an environment where conversation about emotions and pain is taboo. Growing up, love, sexuality, motherhood, parent-children relationship, tradition and connection to nature are all topics that are explored in the movie.


Original Title: Leben
Directed by Ania Plonka  /Poland/
29 min

A grotesque reflection on life on a Polish housing estate from a perspective of chaotic and slightly depressed student Olga, who moves into a flat inherited from her grandma. Initially, she feels hopeless, her roommate annoys her, and the area she remembered from her childhood seems like a depressive pit. A random visit to Astoria bar and meeting her childhood friends makes her realize the fascinating oddity of the local community and gives her hope for true settling in.


Original Title:  Artumo jausmas
Directed by Augustė Gerikaitė  / Lithuania /
20 min

In the bustling heart of a city, Bernardas and Silvija share an unconventional living arrangement, residing together in the same apartment despite their past as husband and wife. Their coexistence revolves around a meticulously planned schedule, carefully designed to minimize interaction and prevent any emotional turbulence. But life has a peculiar way of throwing unexpected curveballs.

Dark Child

Directed by Reiki Tsuno  /Japan/
3 min

Somewhere in the near future.
A mysterious agency attacks a girl obsessed with lollipop candies and games.
The brutal battle in an abandoned factory has begun.

Lurid Woman

Directed by Porter Justus  /United States/
5 min

A man wanders into a speakeasy on a dreary night. It’s the roarin’ ‘20s, but it’s not roarin’ in the prohibition South. A Seductive Songstress sings a sultry, dark, tune to an intimate crowd. The Suave Bartender poses as a soda jerk. A Debonair Couple nervously cradles an envelope of cash at their table. A Broad Man angrily downs his drinks and tries to keep it together. A Beautiful Brunette stalks the bar and the room while playing with her silver, skeleton room key. The entrancing song, the Lurid Woman, urges this mysterious ensemble to carry out their dark intents.

I am Rain

Directed by Onur Bilmen  /Germany/
11 min

Could life be worse than going to hell?

"Enn" is waiting nervously at a busstop, until his loneliness was suddenly interrupted by an uncanny, young woman with the name "Baal". During the course of the conversation, the woman turns out to be a demon, who wants to persuade him to go to hell voluntarily- To cleanse his soul from his sins.


Directed by Charlotte Vacková /Czech Republic/
13 min

A coming-of-age short surrealist drama about a girl stuck between order and passion.

In a pure, ideal world full of rules, one schoolgirl is tempted to get a forbidden kiss and then faces the consequences of her behaviour.

The Mannequin

Directed by Emelie Dahlskog  /Sweden/
13 min

An aspiring seamstress thinks she can solve all her creative problems by creating a mannequin. But after some strange events she suspects that the mannequin has aspirations of its own.

Shattered Remedy

Directed by  Dmitry Kulak  /Ukraine/
16 min

A police officer suffers from severe migraine right before his night shift. He decides to fight it with abnormal amount of medication. However, he does not realize that the side effects will soon cause him to lose his ability to understand reality and differentiate between his own experiences and those of others.


Original Title: Dreizehn
Directed by Viktoria Windhab  /Austria/
20 min

Thomas, a successful tax associate, receives an unexpected phone call while driving home, which triggers a series of events that could threaten his carefully cultivated life.

The white horse

Original Title: Calul Alb
Directed by Goran Mihailov /Romania/
17 min

A couple's daily routine is interrupted by an unexpected threat.


Directed by Alessia D'Angelo  /Italy/
3 min

The main character, dressed in black, comes with a couple of friends inside a night club. After a few moments of confusion through the crowd, she discovers that on stage there’s another version of her self, dressed with an angelic’s dress. Then there’s only chaos and the main character gets covered by people like if they were worms. Till a sparkling hand arrives and pulls her out for a brief moment. The crowd sucked her back till she dropped drunk in a green bathroom when looking in the mirror she experiences both version of herself reflected.

Quiet, Please!

Directed by Milli Janatková  /Czech Republic/
3 min

New music video from the project Quiet, Please! expresses the author´s journey from dark crisis (in 2014 – 2015) to hopeful balance and good health. Why is it coming out now? There is a right time for everything in this life. And now it´s the real right time. The music video shares hope we all are able to cope with the most difficult challenges in life. We just need courage to decide, strengthen our will and desire to solve all troubles we face and express our emotions, anger and aggression in a healthy way not to harm ourselves or others.

Don't Wanna Love You

Directed by Diego Ante  /Romania/
3 min

It's late at night. All the clientele has already left.
But Ana still has work to do washing the dishes at the restaurant,
and her boss is already leaving, but only after reprimanding her for always daydreaming.
Of course, her boss doesn't know Ana dreams of falling in love with her.

Tale Of A Violet Sky

Directed by Nicolò Roberto Roccatello /Italy/
4 min

This video clip is a seductive dance between two young visually impaired individuals, an encounter that goes beyond sight. Their mutual discovery and fear of rejection transform into an extraordinary metaphor, taking us into a parallel world, a vibrant mental intimacy.


Directed by Sasha Needmor /Czech Republic/
4 min

The music video for NOANNE's "Goodwill" unfolds a story rich in emotional depth and dramatic complexity. It is a minimalist yet poignant narrative featuring two main characters and a series of vivid flashback images that gradually build a comprehensive picture, allowing viewers to grasp the unfolding events. The storyline is subtly adorned with references to the medieval legends of Tristan and Isolde, adding layers of classical depth to the modern narrative.


Directed by Ruben Szuhánszki /Hungary/
4 min

This short video tells the story of a dancer, who after finishing one of her shows receives an upsetting phone call and decides to dance her troubles away.

This one-shot music video was produced by a handful of people with great love and passion.

MALIK HARRIS Sticks & Stones

Directed by robin karow, marie kobylka  /Germany/
4 min

One out of 20 people convicted in the USA is innocent and either imprisoned or sentenced to death. The music video tells the stories of several wrongfully convicted inmates and is based on true events. The aim is to raise awareness about this injustice.

Twisted Mind

Directed by Nathan Benisty  /France/
4 min

A clinical white room, plunged into darkness. In the half-light, a male figure on a granite table. A large one-way glass panel fills one wall.

In the adjacent room, behind the glass, a woman turns a potentiometer on the control panel. In the room, the light comes on and the character gradually opens his eyes. With a robotic gesture, he stands up and sits on the edge of the table. His perfect features and the precision of his gestures suggest he is not really human.


Directed by Martin Fjeld  /Norway/
6 min

Amidst the backdrop of nostalgia and the vibrant energy of the 2000s, "Let Me Go" captures a fleeting moment in the lives of five young women. Embodying the audacious spirit of youth, they embark on a night of uninhibited fun — from the thrill of a stolen escapade in a store, a whimsical car ride, to dancing freely in the moonlit fields. As they bask in the glow of neon nights, take daring baths, and share drinks and laughter, their adventures symbolize the essence of living in the moment. This visual journey, wrapped in techno-trance and Indieclimb's signature sound, serves not just as a music video but as a cinematic ode to the reckless abandon of youth.


Directed by Krzysztof Łukaszewicz  /Poland/
125 min

1944, WWII. The Polish II Corps is assigned to carry out a daring assault on the heavily fortified German Gustav Line around the Monte Cassino Monastery. After three failed engagements,
fierce Nazi counterattacks, and heavy losses, Allied troops spearheaded by the Polish Corps conquer the hill, opening the gate to Rome.