MONDAY 27/05/2024

9:00 A lecture with the director of the Košice Film Office, Jan Melikant,
about the possibilities of filming in eastern Slovakia, about possible collaborations and the creation of co-productions
9:30 screening of the slovak film Pura Vida - premiere at the Festival de Cannes 2018 
also with the personal participation of the film's director, Martin Gonda
10:00 Analysis of the film Pura Vida

14:00 Screening of the competitive animated short films 
Lunch Break (Belgium, Reinout Jan Swinnen, Bram Van Rompaey)
Meditation at dusk (Hungary, Judit Erdélyi)
love bubbles (Switzerland, Marcel Hobi)
Every encounter is an elsewhere (Italy, Massimo Selis)
CARTA BIANCA (France, Francesca Marinelli)
Novavita (Italy, Francesco bruno sorrentino, Antonio Genovese)

18:00 Screening of competitive documentary films 
One Day in HAITI (Vít Kanyza, Czech Republic)
Stronger Than Ever (Marcin Jamkowski, Poland)

20:30 Screening of the competitive feature fiction film
Cherry Juice (Germany, Mersiha Husagic)