A Chinese young female awards winning filmmaker, is known for Chubby Café (2019), Dao Meng Mei Ying (2018) and Astrall Story (International Cooperation). Became the cover person of magazine Filmmaker Life (August,2022).

The director Yiwen Cao is a young female filmmaker, who wants to give people mental power from her films. She thinks nature and human have the same essence. We can learn a lot through observing nature. What's more, protecting nature is protecting ourselves.

What is the story behind your film?
A person lured, a person died. A mother went crazy, a child earned hard life. To be or not to be, heart never lies. Make up or take up, decision came to your mind.

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What should people take away, gain, realize after watching your film?
It’s always be positive power. My initial goal of making films is healing audience. I wish my audience can benefit from movies and make their lives better. We work together to make the world much better.

Do you think that films can change people for the better or for the worse?
That's a good question! I believe that filmmakers are responsible to guide people become better after they watch movies. Audience of films are innumerable. Impacts of films can be huge. If films blindly promote self-indulgence, some audiences may be selfish. If films only convey negative energy, some audiences lost faith of lives. Though revealing cruel truths is significant, offering positive suggestions to audience is necessary. For instance, it’s normal for doctors to tell patients that they get cancers. But offering effective solutions to cure patients are much more important than just telling. Filmmakers have obligations to give people hopes after telling something cruel and negative. And it is one of the main attitudes that responsible filmmakers should have.

How was the creation of your project at the time of COVID-19?
My significant project had to be paused. But that’s fine, we are still managing to figure it out.

What creation style did you use in the production of your project? What cameraman elements did you use?
I prefer suspensive style and like to use one-take way for shooting.

How did you select the actors for your project?
By observing whether they are suitable for roles.


Why do you think your film should appeal to distributors?
To distributors:
“Hey, you can make both money and reputation! ”
“Never look down on Chinese market.”

At which festival has your film been screened?
Some selected, but I have not admitted screening it yet.

How did your acquaintances react when they first saw the film?
They already get positive energy from daily lives. So I prefer strangers to watch my films.

If you could change something in your film, what would it be?

Which movies are your favorites and why?
Some Like It Hot (Marilyn Monroe). The screenwriter is genius.

What topics do you like to address in your stories?
Women and humanity.

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What is your motivation in making films?
To heal audience and to improve the living situations of girls.

Which contemporary filmmakers motivate you the most?
Everyone has his shining point… Okay, honestly, I am more interested in ancient people.

What projects do you plan to shoot in the future?
My next film is a feminism suspense Awaken, which encourages people to strive for equity.