Brett Ashby

What is the story behind your film?
The film is about the one I love, that title asks a few questions, makes the viewer and audience ask themselves what that means to them. I was faced with this exact question at that moment in time, when I was making the work. The title only came through, at the conclusion of the film making process.

What should people take away, gain, realize after watching your film?
The story is a performance by two males aged in their thirties, a journey through art and that moment in a time when you must choose yourself and nothing else matters. In doing this four individuals go there own way, a departure and exit is present. You will witness the colourful journey up until that point through the skateboarding art of Brett Ashby and this expression is performed through shamanic music and drumming by Felix. It comes down to the audience member and what the individual wants to do with the mirror placed in front of them. Lot's of people can't see or hear what is right in front of them, but 'The One I Love' is authentic, detailing that in clarity. You'll always receive what you need but its being present enough to understand that the reason why you're in the presence of this film, is because you chose to be, for yourself. It'll be happening to you on a conscious level, the film is dedicated to my collectors and the steadfast self love, I wish for each of you.


Do you think that films can change people for the better or for the worse?
Making moving images, it really is a framed perception from the creators and in doing this it always has a positive and negative. But its how you see yourself, being in that moment and placing yourself in the song line. Or even opening yourself up, that life isn't linear and experimental film making is a flow state, I only support positivity, so yes I hope this creates an awakening.

How was the creation of your project at the time of COVID-19?
Yes I was living in Melbourne Australia during the pandemic, in which I started the editing process having this time to reflect and breathe into the work. I gained some distance for some time, since the original recording of the portrait painting of Mick Harvey. The first shooting of the film was in Nov 2019, the editing process was occurring 6 months later, I had created the film, but was challenged on how to narrate it and if so, how to connect music to retell the story. I worked alongside Felix to create the artwork and portrait painting of Mick. It only made sense to reconnect with Felix and discuss a treatment for the soundtrack. I asked Felix if he could write the poem. Then I wanted to explore tones in Hebrew or text in Hebrew as I did for my prior film, Mirroring, Synchronous Behaviour and Reflexes. In doing this I came to the conclusion, to commission Felix to create the music and narrate the poem in Russian. So that's what we did using Zoom and other wireless technology. I had a body of skateboarding and performance works from five years of plein air paintings performed while skateboarding. What I did was create three short films which I could screen/ projection within a Tokyo restaurant and then film within this restaurant bar, shooting the scenes to host this film 'The One I Love' which was in a way... it created a sense of being submerged within, the bathing of Brett the artist. Creating that safe space through sound which Felix was creating a sound scape through Synth, drumming and live singing, sacred forms of geometry. We were filming the healings, to be composed into the film making process, another section of typography and animation was created and edited by the artist. You will also witness the artist washing away any form of negativity in a street art mural painted bathroom and tub, some different techniques used there to visually represent and direct this unique film.

What creation style did you use in the production of your project? What cameraman elements did you use?
Its a spontaneous, one take, zero fear, creation technique. Seeing the World in colour in every moment and allowing that moment to be frozen into digital matter, with full trust. In terms of camera work it is an over the shoulder style, hand held. The director of photography is a close friend to Brett, this was unfortunately his last project working alongside the artist, the camera work has that separation anxiety energy present, it was a one cameraman shoot without audio. It is a documentary framing of camera style with zero direction.



How did you select the actors for your project?
The main acting within the piece is by the artist himself, it is a self portrait of the visual artist Brett Ashby, alongside this is a portrait sitting of a musician Mick Harvey this performance artwork painting was titled 'Intensity' he was selected by the artist as he is a successful local singer and guitarist with Brett having connections from his childhood to the musician, when residing in Birmingham, UK.

Why do you think your film should appeal to distributors?
Interested to discuss it with distributors, it is a original film, experimental, script and it is very timely in the art scene across the World in terms of Contemporary art, the music host holistic healing properties with the spoken words in Russian, the poem is displayed on screen in English. This will not have been seen before.


At which festival has your film been screened?

The film has screened at
Honorable Mention November 26, 2022
● HIFF - Halo International Film Festival, Saint-Petersburg December 28, 2022
● Fox International Film Festival, Rome

Best Experimental Film January 9, 2023
● 8 & Halfilm Awards, Rome December 12, 2022
● SIFF - Switzerland International Film Festival, Aubonne June 10, 2022
● Moscow Russia International Film Festival, Moscow, Москва

Festival Semi Finalist September 5, 2022
● Serbest International Film Festival (SIFF), Kishinev
With 32 festivals in Feb, and this has only been released in Nov 2022.

How did your acquaintances react when they first saw the film?
The work has been well received, we are grateful to share the work, thankful. I hope it serves others, making us better versions of ourselves. The film speaks to people in varied levels of understanding, the sound being shamanic resonates well on the body, accompanied with the Russian spoken word it flows, it vibrates, in grace into ones aura.

If you could change something in your film, what would it be?
There is nothing to change in the film, it's very much a painting, categorised as experimental it is exactly as it must be, with no room for change. The change will occur outside the work.

Which movies are your favorites and why?
I think films find you, as many people believe books also have this power. Words are fragments, as images are fragments of the form. I find a connection with documentary films, I feel I can see myself through the performances in these projects. I don't hold onto things, or place importance on favouring things, as everything is about understanding, on our shared journey. Words, thoughts are always qualifications and limitations.

What topics do you like to address in your stories?
My work represents synchronicity and rapture, multimedia art making is the way we experience it. My experimental films is the transforming experience. Everything is energy, sound and form from the universe. Find it in yourself or you'll never find it, be your best manifestation. Are we free, or is our sense of freedom just the illusion, you are me and I am you and yes we are free, but sadly most humans are trying to self harm.

What is your motivation in making films?
In service to others, healing consciousness through being not becomming.

What projects do you plan to shoot in the future?
I'm currently in pre-production for two long form films titled: 'Bliss' and 'I've Got You' to be released late 2023-24. Forever grateful to continue sharing my journey as my art reflects, sharing beauty, that intense pleasure of being alive.


Brett Ashby is a multidisciplinary artist, performer, director and author from Naarm, Australia. Ashby's art practise includes, sculpture, performance, film, painting, music, and major public commissions, framing Ashby as a prodigious figure in the contemporary experimental film world.

Ashby is recognisable for his unique methods of practice employing a skateboard or surfboard as a tool to paint aura. His work is linked through a poetic and intuitive sensitivity to the expressive potential of space, light, colour, context and materials.

Ashby (Director) of short film 'The One I Love' received Best Short Film awards in 2023, from countries such as Italy, Switzerland, Serbia, Russia and was awarded Best Inspirational Film at the 8 & Halfilm Awards.

Capturing the vibrations and energy within the time and space that he is creating in. The colours in the art align with positive psychology, art therapy, faith and offer healing properties.

His work is in various collections worldwide, including Berlin, Texas, Cape Town, Edinburgh, Geneva, Sri Lanka, London, Paris, New York, Miami, Tokyo, Dubai, Tennessee, and many parts of Australasia.