Autumn Winners of the Košice International Film Festival

Grand Prix: Short Film
(nominated for awards Best Feature Film on Golden Art Film Academy and reward 500 USD)
The Düsseldorf Diaries (Ľuboš Balažovič, Slovakia)

Best Feature Film
Magdalena (Filip Gieldon, Poland)

Honorable Mention: Feature Film
Implanted (previously Headache) (Fabien Dufils, United States)

Best Feature Documentary
Drag Queens Made in Brazil (Guilherme Ferreira Morais, United States)

Best Short Film
When the clock striks twelwe (Nika Abbasova, Russian Federation)

Best Short Documentary
TripleF*** (Simona Theoharova, Bulgaria)

Best Super Short Film
After You, Please. (Paul Rosescu, Germany)

Best Student Film
Dilemma (Dora Martynyuk, Russian Federation)

Best Director Feature Film
Zeria (Harry Cleven, Belgium)

Best Director Short Film
FALAFEL (Nikita Hattangady, USA)

Best Director Super Short Film
Color Your Mind (Axel Werner, Germany)

Best First-time Director (Short)
Short Calf Muscle (Victoria Warmerdam, Netherlands)

 Best First-time Director (Feature)
Support Group Olympus (Jimmy Francis, Sweden)

Best Director Student Film
The Nest (Jean Jackson, USA)

Best Director Music Video
Ride (Jaume Porcel Cladera, Spain)

Best Music Video
Taycan - Ovala (Firat Gürgen, Turkey)

Best Drama
The Child Eater (Gergő Elekes, József Gallai, Hungary)

Best Comedy

Best Animated
Bird (Wu-Ching Chang, Taiwan)

Best Experimental
Kolonial (Stefanie Batten Bland, Jean-Claude Dhien, USA)

Best Indie Short Film
Lily <3 (Jimena Muhlia Mexico)

Best Indie Feature Film
Heinz 1945 (Martin Beek, Karel Hamm, Netherlands)

Best Web/TV Series
WIENERLAND (Jan Woletz, Stefan Polasek, Austria)

Best Horror
Familiar (David J. Ellison, United Kingdom)

Best Thriller
The Mill Creek Strangler (Aaron Egbert Allsop, USA)

Best Sci-fi
Pale Blue Dot: A Tale of Two Stargazers (Matteo Scarfò, Italy)

Best Fantasy
Seventh Wolf (Zane Barber, USA)

What the Water Gave Us (Matteo Hrvatin, Italy)

Best Mobile Phone Film
Lila (Kacper Świtalski, Poland)

Best Inspirational
Tombstone Pillow (Daniel Lir, Bayou Bennett, USA)

Best Action
Makhom (Leila Rastyamovna Salakhatdinova, Russian Federation)

Best Film Poster
My Sweet Treason (Robby Monroe, USA)

 Best Slovak Short Film
Remedy (Jakub Šipoš, Slovakia)

Best Trailer
Released (Trailer) (Forrest Tuff, USA)

Best Actor Short Film
The Frontiers Are My Prison (Eli Ricanati, USA)

Best Actress Short Film
ALEXANNE (Kilian THOMAS, France)

Best Actor Feature Film
Support Group Olympus (Jimmy Francis, Sweden)

Best Actress Feature Film
Special vintage (Klaudia LANKA, France)

Best Original Screenplay
Snorrie (Victoria Warmerdam, Netherlands)

Best Editing
"The Car" (Nаtalya Mishkina, Russian Federation)

Best Sound Design
Cognition Ravi (Ajit Chopra, United Kingdom)

Best VFX
Offcut (Petroc Menuhin, United Kingdom)

Best Cinematophraphy
Karl (Ilya Yakovlevich Noya, Ukraine)

Best Production
BLUNDA (Fredrik Hellqvist, Sweden)

Best Short Script
Hungry Eyes ( Jason John Cicalese, USA)

Best Feature Script
Still Born (Torin Penwell, USA)

Best First-Time Screenwriter (Short)
The Short Film Club (Darren Stokes, Matthew Bancroft, United Kingdom)

Best First-Time Screenwriter (Feature)
The Outcasts (Alkyoni Valsari, Germany)

Best Drama Screenplay
"A Soul with a Black Shirt" (Dan Bouchez, Canada)

Best Comedy Screenplay
The Unstoppable Force Meets The Immovable Object (Chris Chapman, United Kingdom)

Best Thriller Screenplay
1994 (Rudy Riveron Sanchez, United Kingdom)

Best Horror Screenplay
Just Be a Boy (Chris Bryans, United Kingdom)

Best Action Screenplay
Bella / Donna (Hannaj Bang Bendz, United Kingdom)

Best Sci-fi Screenplay
MacArthur and the UFOs (Jonathan Abel, USA)

Best LGBTQ Screenplay
Life in Technicolor (L. Marie Wood, USA)

Best Television Script - Pilot

Official Selection of Autumn Section 2021/22

First Name Last Name Project Title Country of Origin
Jakub Šipoš Remedy Slovakia
Adélaïde Nicvert The end of innocence France
Klaudia LANKA Special vintage France
Kelley Szany Don't Forget Me United States
Mohan Singh Gaharwar Rashomon India
Mattias Königsson BLUNDA Sweden
Mike Kureth Diversity and Desolation United States
Zane Barber Seventh Wolf United States
Brad Look A Package of Dreams United States
Arthur Tiersky Unmatched United States
Vortre Williams One Day At A Time United Kingdom
儒强 WOOING Taiwan
Alessandro Squitti On / Off Argentina
Chris Chapman The Unstoppable Force Meets The Immovable Object United Kingdom
Tamara Cook Maenad Fever Australia
alexander williams Offcut United Kingdom
Dewayne Hill "The Discernment The Book of Evil" United States
alis nature Ali's Nature Turkey
Karl Talbot Silenced, as mercury rises Canada
Brandon Gates Today We Almost Died United States
Nayla Khaja The Shadow United Arab Emirates
Iannis Aliferis Samantha Rutledge P.I, A Killer Case United Kingdom
Aaron Allsop The Mill Creek Strangler United States
Daniel Cohn The World's Gone Nutz United States
Axel Werner Color Your Mind Germany
Lucia Troppová Rvúca Slovakia
FEDERICO SCHIAVI A Declaration Of Love Italy
Josh Alexander MAN UP United Kingdom
Barry Levy The Shasta Triangle United States
Harry Cleven ZERIA Belgium
Öystein Thorsen Behind the Scenes Sweden
matteo scarfò Pale Blue Dot: A Tale of Two Stargazers Italy
César Rozas The Spirit of Pioneers Spain
Sergey Seregin Animation Russian Federation
Maziar Ghaderi A Walk In The Park Canada
Mohsen Nabavi JUMPING Iran, Islamic Republic of
Jon Peterson GEORGE M. COHAN TONIGHT! United States
Rafi Perach Once Upon a Time in Tel Aviv Not Specified
Claudia Ruiz Ailin on the moon Argentina
David Peter Hansen The Militiaman United States
Fábio Brandão Death Doesn't Love You Brazil
Eastwood Agency Angel Russian Federation
Olivier Wright PSI - The Lives You Could Have Lived France
Natalya Mishkina "The Car" Russian Federation
Ľuboš Balažovič Jr. The Düsseldorf Diaries Slovakia
Nahyr Galaz Ruiz Dancing With Plato United States
Jona Riese Alles Müll Germany
SAMMY KISTELL Love According To Eros United Kingdom
Carlos Scasso Martinez Kairos, Qualitative Time Spain
Geerten Harmens Nonchelange & Le Motat - Am I There? Netherlands
Alberto Scisco The Red Death Italy
Jermu Mäkinen Kontakti Finland
Kiana Klysch The Strange Incident in Room 36 Germany
Jimmy Francis Support Group Olympus Sweden
Liesel Galletly A Culinary Conjuring Canada
Estelle Asmodelle Pleasure Girl Australia
Shalendra Goel COLD India
Massar ma Balthazar and I France
Joshua Birchall The Pub Team United Kingdom
Leonidas Gioldasis Control Australia
Jaume Porcel Ride Spain
ROSALIE CARN The Flip Side United Kingdom
Dora Martynyuk Dilemma Russian Federation
Martin Beek Heinz 1945 Netherlands
Adam Loxley A Quark's Looking Glass United Kingdom
Gergo Elekes The Child Eater Hungary
Fabien Dufils Implanted (previously Headache) United States
Robin Johnston Underpassers United Kingdom
Kevin Short Charlotte and the therapist United Kingdom
Dastan Zhapar Uulu The Road to Eden Kyrgyzstan
Jonathan Abel MacArthur and the UFOs United States
Daniel Lir Tombstone Pillow United States
Olga Niekrasova NIGHT HIGHWAY Ukraine
Jason Cicalese Hungry Eyes United States
Raymond Harrison Wicked Wretched Wraith Men KOSICE IFF2021 United States
ilze myburgh Scarecrow South Africa
Holger Borggrefe Two Is a Magic Number Germany
ANUP THAPA Thank you for being a friend Australia
Gary Hynds The Last Chord United Kingdom
edson fogaça Jumping in an empty pool Brazil
Amirul Arham SOCIAL BUSINESS France
Forrest Tuff Released (Trailer) United States
Dominic McKevitt Sour Grapes Ireland
Dileesh Pothan Joji India
Devone Jones Dogs, Irish, Blacks United States
Emily Ruhl BLUE MOON United States
Adriano Forti Lost in the Woods Italy
Jared Jacobsen The Exchange Mexico
Lisa Wood Don't Answer Your Phone! United States
Lisa Wood Life in Technicolor United States
Greg Kousoulis LA Monster United States
Brad Hock Oldboy's Apples United States
Samantha Locock Woman of Your Dreams (Director's Cut) United Kingdom
Kangmin Lim Under the Dark Clouds United States
Breanne Krause Ruffles United Kingdom
Greg Palomino Victuals: The CRE8AMEAL Story United States
Peter Borak Paradigm United Kingdom
Alberto Dalla Memestopia United Kingdom
David Wurawa BLOOD ROOTS Austria
David Wurawa WIENERLAND Austria
Takuma Tsuji Switchback Japan
Kiran West S T I L L Germany
Pedro Martins Why do you hate your brother? Portugal
Paul Rosescu After You, Please. Germany
Liaan Ferreira Visor South Africa
Danny Alex LEGENDS United States
Jean Jackson The Nest United States
Alyona Tarayan Strangelove Russian Federation
Murali Bommaku ITLU AMMA India
Emeric GALLEGO Camille France
faysal soysal Silenced Tree Turkey
Major Akhill Pratap HANEEFUDDIN`s HOLI India
Darren Stokes The Short Film Club United Kingdom
MOHAMAD ALGHANDOUR Summer 2012 Lebanon
Jelle Havermans Ann Hodges: The Woman That Was Hit By A Meteorite Netherlands
David Ellison Familiar United Kingdom
Allyson Rice Fine, I'll Write My Own Damn Song United States
James Fink-Jensen Influencer New Zealand
Kenya Cagle Sin Apple United States
James Demitri MISPLACED Australia
Javier Otero Perpetual Loop Spain
Elizabeth Stevens FREEDOM United States
Paul Sirague The Disappearance of Tom R. Belgium
Alex van Ric HIStory Germany
Guilherme Morais Drag Queens Made in Brazil United States
Matteo Hrvatin What the Water Gave Us Italy
Ilkhom Ikramov Balance Uzbekistan
bruno gradaschi CONSUME Argentina
Domenico Ciolfi THE PANTANI AFFAIR Italy
Toon Loenders SCARLET RED Belgium
Firat Gürgen Taycan - Ovala Turkey
David Petrucci Black Secret Italy
Lars Holmgren Group Think (Brain Bug) Australia
Elizabeth Martina Bishop A Poet's Childhood - Awakening to Consciousness - Elizabeth Martina Bishop United States
Hannaj Bang Bendz Bella / Donna United Kingdom
Emotions Production Messenger Poland
Chris Bryans Just Be a Boy United Kingdom
Robby Monroe My Sweet Treason United States
Filip Gieldon Magdalena Poland
Wu-Ching Chang Bird Taiwan
Chad Ferrin Night Caller United States
Hedvika Michnová It's Bean Too Hot United Kingdom
Nicola Morris Losing the Plot United Kingdom
Pedro Sena Nunes Four Void Portugal
Stefanie Batten Bland Kolonial United States
Dan Bouchez "A Soul with a Black Shirt" Canada
Ilann Ivan-Rey ROUGE France
Rebecca Kirsh Closure United States
Trent - Snorrie (Mustachio) Netherlands
Trent - Short Calf Muscle Netherlands
Alexander Stephens Community College - Miranda Fling United States
Kacper Świtalski Lila Poland
Atlanta Media Pros Still Born United States
Andrii Granytsia Karl Ukraine
Sabine Veldre THE BUZZ IN THE VOID Latvia
Ravi Ajit Chopra Cognition United Kingdom
Irenka * Dreamland United States
Anatoly Koblov Climate Change Is Going to Kill Us All Russian Federation
César Ortiz Lily <3 Mexico
Rudy Riveron Sanchez 1994 United Kingdom
Елена Саар When the clock striks twelwe Russian Federation
Mariusz Brozek Dream of A Lost Earring Canada
Tony El Ghazal Bayt El Omor (Home of a Lifetime) Lebanon
Igor Chekin TRIO Russian Federation
Gabriel Bucsko Porphyria's Confession United States
Caravan Fantasia tripleF*** Bulgaria
Ivana Vidali Trans-celestial railways Slovenia
Lasse Buchhop return / revive Germany
Leila Salakhatdinova Makhom Russian Federation
Giuseppe Di Giorgio STEM CELL Italy
Charles Chabert THE MIME'S HAT France
Eli Ricanati The Frontiers Are My Prison United States
Vladimir Vinogradov Mediation Russian Federation
Esben Persson Wild Wild Vesløs Denmark
Helias Doulis The Beauty of Stigma Greece
Juliano Luccas FEAR Portugal
Bennie Wragg Answer Your Phone Australia
Alkyoni Valsari The Outcasts Germany
Gary Porpora Finney's Wake United States
Malinalli López Hyena United States
Ezgisu Korkmaz Fallen Hungary
Origine films CATARINA France
Sharon Andía Sevillano Ali Spain
Lamu Shangchoo Walk Alone United States