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Kosice International Film Festival is Film Festival with live screenings in Košice, in Slovakia. Our mission and goal is to discover and promote talented filmmakers from all over the world and present them to the public and therefore is our festival is a brilliant opportunity to participate in international competition.

FilmFreeway has ranked our festival, among the TOP 20 BEST REVIEWED FILM FESTIVALS out of a total of 10,000 festivals from around the world and FilmFreeway ranked our film festival as the best festival in the Best Reviewed category in Europe.

The first and second year was held under the name Kosice International Monthly Film Festival (KIMFF), which also qualified for IMDb (

During the first and second year, we registered more than 3,500 projects, some of which premiered at the Festival de Cannes, the Sundance Film Festival, Toronto International Film Festival or have been awarded and nominated for ACADEMY AWARDS, GOLDEN GLOBES, and BAFTA-winning actors and directors, but most of all, hundreds of films and scripts.

The selected selection of films will be screened on October 25, 2021, at the Súkromná stredná umelecká škola filmová, Košice. We project the best super short film, short film and feature film and you can visit the city Košice and get to know our culture. Košice is a beautiful city with a wonderful culture and amazing nightlife.

Grand Prix First Year Kosice International Monthly Film Festival


After an unsuccessful attempt to renew his car registration, Dejan falls in a bureaucratic trap that tests his determination to be a responsible father.

Time: 19 min
Premiere: Sundance Film Festival

Grand Prix Second Year Kosice International Monthly Film Festival


David needs help. So does David.
A severely depressed man reaches out for an emergency therapy session. He’s not the only one who needs help.

Time: 11 min
Premiere: Festival de Cannes